The png file format is a popular raster image type utilized for web graphics. It’s also an excellent option for logos and illustrations because it supports up to 16 million colors. However, when you need to work with the utmost accuracy for your projects, vector files are much better fit. You can convert your png images to vector by following this basic guide.
First, you require to prepare the image for vectorization. You need to ensure that the image is in the right color mode which it has a high resolution. This is important since it will impact how well the image traces and how large you can make the final vector image without losing quality.

Next, you need to use a vectorization tool like Adobe Illustrator to turn the raster image into a vector file. If you aren’t acquainted with vectorization, it’s the procedure of transforming bitmap images into vector graphics. A vector image includes courses with precise collaborates, which indicates that it can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. This is why vector graphics are so crisp and tidy.
There are a few various tools you can use to vectorize your image, but Adobe Illustrator is the very best alternative for expert designers. It’s a complicated program that can be challenging to discover, but once you master it, you can develop some really spectacular designs with it. To vectorize your PNG, open the file in Illustrator and choose Window > Image Trace. Make certain the Options tab is chosen and that the boxes for Smooth, Stack and Remove Background are inspected. As soon as you’re done, click the Preview button to examine that everything was traced properly and that you have not missed any pixels. If you are pleased with the results, then save the vector file and you’re great to go.
If you don’t have Adobe Illustrator, there are a lot of online vectorization tools that can assist you convert your raster image to a vector file. Simply discover one that accepts the png file format and upload it to the site. After a couple of seconds, the image will begin to analyze and vectorize instantly. Once the process is total, you’ll have the ability to download the result as an SVG file.
convert image to vector
SVG isn’t suitable for digital images, but it’s a perfect file format for drawings and logos since it can be easily scaled up or down to match your desired print size. And because individuals search the web at all kinds of resolutions, SVG vector graphics look a lot more crisp and sharp than raster images.
Converting your png to a vector file is a great way to preserve the accuracy of your style and make sure that it will display properly at any resolution. But the procedure can be difficult and lengthy if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. Thankfully, Scan2CAD makes it easy and quick to transform any image into a vector by analyzing the image for lines, curves and text and automatically tracing it with precise collaborates.