Fluidized fluid bed granulation is a high-performance machine for drying heat-sensitive materials at reduced temperature levels. This type of device supplies versatile manufacturing in the pharmaceutical, chemical and also food industries with customizable batch capabilities and also controls.

Fluid bed drying is an effective and also gentle method to dry fragments that more than 50 microns in size. It is an effective approach to regulate tackiness, linking as well as clumping, which can affect product flow.

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Depending on the kind, design and area of application, fluidized bed drying out devices can be made use of for the drying of mass products or granulates, powders and also various other flowable products. They usually contain a stainless steel chamber with a removable perforated bottom, which is commonly referred to as a dish.

The air entering the storage tank is warmed by heaters to an established temperature level before being introduced into the perforated bottom. The filtered air is after that distributed throughout the entire material bed.

Inlet as well as exhaust air treatment are likewise a typical function of these units, which are typically called blower-based units. The follower in the device continually draws and also excels air with a filter, which removes fines as well as various other bits that may cause a stress drop.

Continuous fluid bed clothes dryers are a much faster option than typical drying out devices. Some designs are able to reach up to 99% performance.

This type of dryer is mainly made use of in the pharmaceutical market. It changes traditional drying trays in the powder handling field. It can lower drying out time by about twenty times. spray drying machine supplies regulated as well as consistent drying out problems contrasted to the disproportion in trays.