The iPhone 15 Pro Max is a stunning phone that is worthy of to be showcased in a beautiful case. Luckily, there are plenty of terrific alternatives out there. Some are very minimalist, while others use a lot of design and color. We’ve highlighted a few of the very best in this article.
The first is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid MagFit. It’s a clear case that has a magnet variety in the back for MagSafe chargers and devices. It’s made from high-quality silicone and is available in 18 different colors. Plus, the soft surface feels fantastic in your hand.
Another exceptional choice is the Cyrill Kajuk Mag, which likewise has a magnetic strip in the back. The case itself has a basic PC frame and TPU bumpers, but the vegan leather is what really sets this one apart. You can pick from five fantastic color options, ranging from a tan brown to a deep ocean blue. It provides excellent drop protection, with 1.3 mm raised lips that protect the screen and cam from unexpected drops and bumps.
women iphone 14 pro max cover
This is a quite rugged case, and the only drawback is that it’s not compatible with cordless charging. It does include a built-in screen protector, though, and it’s surprisingly budget friendly for the amount of defense it provides.
If you’re searching for something that’s a little bit more trendy, take a look at the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro. It’s a lot more conventional than many rugged cases, but it still uses a lot of security. You’ll get a built-in screen protector, port covers, and a kickstand. There’s even a rotatable belt clip so you can attach the case to your bag or knapsack.
Smartish’s wallet case is another great alternative for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It’s got a moving door that completely confines your cards and cash when you do not need them. It doesn’t include much bulk to the phone, but it can be tight if you pack it full of cards with embossed text. It’s likewise a bit more expensive than other wallet cases.
This is a game-changing case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It includes a Halbach array that’s 38% more powerful than typical MagSafe magnets, implying it will never ever slip off your cordless battery charger or other MagSafe devices. And it looks definitely spectacular, with colors ranging from blues and pinks to teals and unicorn-inspired colors. It’s not cheap, however it’s absolutely worth the cost if you wish to keep your new iPhone safeguarded and looking great.