The 2.8 L Duramax is an effective engine that can be tuned for more horse power and also torque. It can be tuned to produce as long as 212hp as well as 412ft-lbs of torque. Including a 2.8 L Duramax delete set will certainly boost the reliability of your vehicle and reduced your maintenance prices. The delete set will likewise enhance the way the engine runs. The engine will run cleaner and can run on Rotella T6 oil rather than the factory-supplied oil.
6.7 Cummins EGR Delete Kit
lml delete kit
One of the most important elements of any type of remove song is the exhaust. The remove tune replaces the factory exhaust discharges components with a less restrictive straight pipe and also optional muffler. These trucks can have major emissions problems, specifically after the service warranty duration ends. These emissions problems will be resolved with a 2.8 L remove song exhaust.